For almost two years I have been studying my masters of literature. That means that I am currently writing my thesis (read: procrastinating) but even though I have gotten to spend my day reading, I have missed writing and this is the first step to fixing that.

I have blogged before and I thank all the people  who have read those pages and especially to those who have remained loyal in spite of the times that I have lost hope and decided that I didn’t have anything to say anyway.

But the truth is, everyone has things to say — the challenge is making people listen. And it’s not because people don’t want to listen, but it’s impossible to hear everything, just ask your SO.

My cousin told me that I was probably the only person in Denmark who wore though a pair of shoes a week, and he’s probably right.

There was my angle.

I never wanted to be a blogger on wheels, mostly because I never thought of myself as being part of the “disability community”. I never wanted to shine a spotlight on my life, because I have always felt that that’s actually counter-intuitive to living a “normal” life. While I still believe that to be true, to an extent, I  have realized that flying completely under the radar, being swept along with the masses, is just not an option I have. So I might as well embrace the fact that people are almost always going to take a second look at me, and I don’t have control over that.

I also don’t have control over what people think when they see me holding a shopping bag in my mouth, climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or falling because I hit a rouge cobblestone. I don’t actually know what people think, but I can see people writing a story about me with everything they see me do – or not do.

So instead of giving that power away, I’m going to take it back, and hopefully show that the ground my shoes have walked on, and been worn down by, isn’t so different from where you stand.

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